for those who believe a #hijabican

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Meet Dalia Mogahed: The First Hijabi in the White House

Dalia Mogahed was propelled into the international spotlight when she became President Barack Obama’s advisor on Muslim affairs. Born in Egypt, she is the president and CEO of Mogahed Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in Muslim societies and the Middle East. She co-authored the book Who Speaks For Islam?What a Billion Muslims Really Think, based on six years of research and more than 50,000 interviews. Mogahed has been widely recognized as one of the most influential Arab women in the world. Find her story on

Long sleeve polka dot wrap dress + white lace print hijab. <3 on sale @
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Long sleeve polka dot wrap dress + white lace print hijab. <3 on sale @

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because Muslim women are happy! #hijabican

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Step by step&#8230;:)
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Step by step…:)

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dressing modest

we know its rough

when the world is making it so tough

don’t need short skirts

or low cut shirts

bein the way that you are is enough

love it!

Lol can&#8217;t stop laughing at this 
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Lol can’t stop laughing at this 

Mar 19, 2014
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First hijab wearing policewoman in the United States! read her story now on  hijabican!